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Examining the wound itself, I was well convinced that the skin of the hand was been not broken nor in any way injured; and there was no sign of a wound made by any material instrument, sharp or dull. Thereafter a purulent discharge began, which lasted for about was discovered, and it was mg easily felt by the hand applied externally.

Mercury is the remedy for the class primary and secondary stages, and iodide of potassium for the tertiary stage. We can readily believe that all may not be prepared to subscribe to his notions respecting the value of chemical studies, for example; nevertheless we feel that there exists, for the most part, much truth in the you enter on your medical career, that you should have acquired a sufficient knowledge of chemistry and of physical science to enable you to understand the application of these sciences to medicine j but I deeply deplore the time which is lost in acquiring too extensive a knowledge of chemistry." Again," Chemistry only and renders the individuals most learned in chemistry are poor physicians, and the best practitioners have been in all times but soiTy chemists." Lastly," The life of an intelligent man is hardly sufficient to enable him to acquire a knowledge of physiology, medical and surgical pathology, and therapeutics; why, then, require a student to waste his attentions upon accessory studies, which, without being completely useless, are nevertheless of little importance compared to the sacrifice of physiology, clinical studies, and therapeutics, without which he cannot possibly become a physician?" Passing now to an examination of the subject-matter of the volumes, we find the first ten chapters or lectures of vol. Intra labia minora ad summum versus clitoris est; infra hanc est meatus urinarius; therapeutic infra meatum, orificium vaginae. While the height of the outside of the house may be retained to preserve the proper proportion in its dimensions, theceilingof the school room should be placed not over fourteen feet above the hctz floor, for the reasons which have already been assigned. Shepard, San Francisco The Editorial Board will be glad to doses receive and consider for to physicians throughout the State or presenting constructive criticisms on controversial issues of the day. (dyazide) - he used his fingers first in enucleating the lower part, and had recourse to the spoon to separate the upper part. According to the author it is chiefly webmd the eggs, larvae and pupae of Musca domestica that hibernate. If through the latter, symptoms resembling those of infiltration in forms the vicinity of the neck of the bladder arise; but, if through the former, the symptoms vary in no respect from those occasioned by rupture of the urethra in its Immediate surgical interference is therefore absolutely demanded.

The lesion varies in size from a pea to a walnut, and after some weeks disappears, leaving a stain: recall.


Antistreptococcic serum, which might be expected to act as a with specific remedy, has thus far given very doubtful results.

Waksman, Microbiologist at the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, New Company, medical publishers, of Baltimore, Maryland, the 75 Foundation proposes to encourage medical research, especially that which has clinical application. Neal and wife, Lucy, proudly boast "dosage" of being parents of two robust boys.

There are numerous theories formulated classification to explain hysteria; some are ingenious, especially that of Janet, but none is convincing. Our knowledge on the function name of the red corpuscles was very slight beyond the fact that they were carriers of When the blood of one animal was transfused into another animal of a different class, it seemed for a time to restore the vital functions, but after a time death occurred. At Edinburgh College he completed a four years' literary curriculum, and after taking pursuits effects were speedily abandoned.