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To take the single instance of one upon whom the chief burden of its work at present falls, why, unless he were moved by a feeling of pressing duty and unselfish concern for others and the public weal, should cares on his shoulders, possessing at least an average capacity for the material and intellectual enjoyment of this beautiful world, with a love of literature, a weakness, perhaps, age considered, for athletic exercises, an interesting and happy domestic circle, and a hundred more pleasant avenues for the employment of his leisure than determine to cheerfully bid adieu, after earnest and prolonged consideration, to all hope of ease and personal comfort, apparently for the sole purpose of becoming what some of our milder critics term a busybody, while less charitable ones use much more objectionable epithets and After an anxious study of the whole question for very many years, we have come to the decided conclusion that betting and gambling are so universal, have reached such a climax in this country, that the educational work of our League on the platform and in print needs to be supplemented by our calling upon all good citizens to aid in the application of existing, and the passing of supplementary, laws; and should we be told that our enterprise cuts so deep into the ingrained habits of society that we shall need the tenacity of Cobden in fighting the Corn Laws, and the eloquence and influence of Wilberforce in combating the Slave Trade, we answer that the evil we contend against impoverishes the nation equally with the former, and degrades it and threatens its moral welfare as much as the latter; that if we fail, no noble effort is entirely lost; and that we intend to strive without ceasing to cope with this monstrous cancer in the body politic, that our consciences may be clear, should some catastrophe one day overtake the English nation, diseased "in" from head to foot by the fever of the gambling hell, beginning at a sovereign on the throne, and ending with the humblest The National Anti-Gambling League have on hand Betting and Gambling: a National Evil:

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