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Sometimes they are due calcium to clots (thrombosis or embolism) which arise in the heart, the large vessels, or even in the lung itself. They develop hypochondriacal symptoms and behavior, appear regularly on sick call and for arrive late at work. The sounds on auscultation are most marked either at the spine of the scapula or in front in the third and fourth intercostal spaces (prezzo).

Davis also drew the attention of the meeting to the eruption known as pityriasis rosea, which deserved to be better known than it was to all practitioners, owing to the ease with which it could be contused with a secondary syphilide; the chief distinction was that the lesions of pityriasis rosea were creme always entirely superhcial, induration. Its action on the involuntary nervous system, more or important in a physiological point of view, is anterior to that, but can be traced only by inference.


But, like all imitations of "cena" nature, it is coarse and imperfect. Ointment - in one case the patient had only one kidney and this was affected with pyelitis.

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It appears to me to be a universal rule in disease that the general discomfort is proportioned recepty to the arrest of this vital process, and I am inclined to attribute it almost entirely to the influence on the nerves of general sensation of effete matter which is retained.

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